Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sentimental Sunday: Mums, my Great-Granddad and my cousins

That's been my week!

First of all, it's Mothering Sunday today in the UK.  Sadly, I don't have my own Mum any more - I would gladly give my a year off my life to spend an afternoon with her, but that's not an option.  Instead, I have been thinking of her and remembering those far off days when a little bunch of freesias would make her day.  My own gorgeous daughter made my day with a little box of chocolates - not quite so fragrant, a lot more calorific but infinitely tastier!  We shall watch a film together this evening and scoff the lot!

My great-grandfather has been on my mind because I wrote an article about him over on HubPages.  They are running a competition in which you have to write an article in response to someone's published question.  The question I answered was about which of my ancestors I would like to meet.  Henry Brown has always interested me, so I penned Stalking Henry:  A Genealogical Journey.  I really enjoyed writing this article and it's had a fantastic response.  One reader said it brought tears to her eyes!  How's that for a compliment.

I've also been continuing to look for more cousins and corresponding with the ones I have already found.  I love our Facebook page, it's a great point of contact and resource for sharing photos.  There have been a few photos shared with week that have been absolutely great - a wonderful one of my grandfather's cousin looking windswept on a steamship sticks in my mind.  Following on from Facebook, another of my cousins is using Pinterest to organise her family snaps.  Hadn't thought of that (although I do use Pinterest, I love it!).

Have a great week, I'm off to work on another "Hub" - planning one on the Victorians.


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