Friday, 28 October 2011

Follow Friday: A Helping Hand Up from Down Under

One of the first blogs I followed was Judy Webster's UK/Australia Genealogy Blog.  I think it is probably aimed at Aussies with British roots, but it works for me to - British with "lost" (now found) Aussie cousins.  Judy is a professional genealogist and a great source of information.  Check out her website Judy Webster's Genealogy Advice if you have an interest in Australian Family History (especially that of Queensland).

Judy is one of the coordinators of a new project, and that's what I would really like to highlight.  It is the Genealogists for Families project.  The inspiration for the project was Judy's father, who had an altruistic streak - he would lend his "Do Good Money" to local hard working people in need of a little short term help.  In his honour, Judy has set up the project which, like Judy's father, lends money to those in need.  To volunteer you can invest $25, which will be repaid.  Visit Judy's the Genealogists for Families project for more details.

Good on you, Judy!


Judy Webster said...

Judi, thank you so much for your kind words and your help in publicising the project. I have put a link back to this post from In the News.

Re my UK/Australia Genealogy blog: you're right, it is mainly used by Aussies with British roots, but I was delighted to hear that it also works in reverse!

Judi Bee said...

Hi Judy - my pleasure to bang the drum for such a great idea, I wish you luck. Thanks too for your link.

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