Thursday, 8 September 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Free Trials Work!

Back in August I wrote a quick post with a link to an article which I had written on Hubpages.  The article was Can you Grow a Family Tree for Free?  The article put forward my ideas for saving some money on your family history research, and that's what they were, my ideas - I didn't have any proof that they would really work.  However, a couple of days ago my husband's first cousin put a triumphant post on Facebook, and now I have my proof!  Here's what happened.

In my article I suggested that you should contact your family for information and, failing them having anything useful, to search for "lost" cousins.  Beverley didn't need to go much further than me, fortunately.  I had researched her father's side of the family as a Christmas present for his sister, my mother-in-law.  So, with one email, Bev had a ready made family tree, one branch of which went back to the 17th Century.  As Bev is interested in family history herself, she decided that she wanted to add to the tree, particularly on her mother's side.  So, clever girl, she did what I had suggested in my article - she signed up for a free trial.

Bev chose the Ancestry 14 Day FREE trial and, having prepared herself beforehand, she has spent the last two weeks at her keyboard.  Her proud Facebook boast (and quite justifiable too) was that she now has in excess of 800 names on the family tree and has got back to the 16th Century on some lines.  Wow!  Of course, she will need to put the information on to her own software, she won't be able to store it on Ancestry, but otherwise, a good use of a two week free period.  I'm really pleased for her, although somewhat apprehensive of how much I may have to be adding to my husband's tree (who, incidentally, has no interest whatsoever in his family history - grrrrrr).

You do need to give Ancestry your credit card details to sign up and take care to unsubscribe before the trial period is up.  With that in mind, I can't see that you can fail to win!

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