Monday, 15 August 2011

Hubba Hubba!

This weekend I have embarked upon a new venure - Hub Pages.  Hub Pages are a way of writing articles about your area of expertise (I may run out of material quite quickly!) and (allegedly) earn money.  In anticipation of all the fabulous loot that will shortly start rolling in, I have removed those pesky adverts from this blog - it looks far nicer without and frankly they are a waste of time anyway.

This new arena for my writing also means that my blog can now be solely about my family.  Any other general family history stuff can be written about on Hub Pages - I will of course mention it here, just in case you can't bear to miss it.

Here's are my two debut pieces:  How to Grow your Own Family Tree and Can you Grow a Family Tree For Free?  You have the added bonus of getting to see a very bad photo of me on my profile - I look rather insipid!  If you would like to try Hub Pages, click my new button at the bottom of the page and sign up - it's as easy as blogging!


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