Monday, 4 July 2011

Matrilineal Monday: 3 Ellens and a Laura

My great-grandmothers:  3 Ellens and a Laura.  Actually, one Ellen; one Eleanor, known as Ellen; one Mary Ellen, known as Ellen or Ellie.  And one Laura, as far as I know, known as Laura.  What else did these four ladies have in common?  I plan to post about each of them over the next few Mondays, but here is a summary:

Three were born in England, one in Wales.
Two moved to Wales (for a time at least) and three lived in Cardiff
Two were born in Bristol
One moved to the USA and died there
Two married seamen
Two outlived husbands (not necessarily my great-grandfathers!)
Between them they had nearly 30 children
One died before she was 30
None of them reached their three score years and ten.

Next Monday - Ellen Warren - barmaid, teenage bride, mother of eleven.


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