Friday, 24 June 2011

Follow Friday: Putting your ancestors in their place

If you have followed my latest couple of posts you will see that my hunt for the elusive Toals has picked up momentum.  In the last 24 hours it has quite taken off - I shall post about it tomorrow or on Monday.  I am stupidly excited about it!

But, back to earth.  I don't know about you, but I love maps.  I also love old photos.  I love them for themselves (an old map is a thing of beauty, in my eyes) but also for the life and detail they can add to my family history.  I always Google Map any new address I turn up in a census and use street view to walk around it.  But of course some streets no longer exist (particularly if your family were slum-dwelling Scousers like several of mine are!), or buildings are cleared or lose their character.  So, here are some lovely Twitterers and Bloggers who I follow who may help you put your ancestors back in their place.

At  you can add your own photos of people and places to the History Pin map or you can search locations to find photographs of them.  There are also some "then and now" photos - which are absolutely my favourites!

Brizzle Born and Bred has a plethora of old photos of Bristol on his Flickr stream here.  His "old and new" collection is here.

Time Traveller Maps can be found on Facebook and Twitter - here is the blog link on Facebook.  

If you have an interest in Dublin, check out Through Streets Broad and Narrow, a fairly new blog which looks at the history of Dublin through its streets.

OK, I am off to Google Maps - some addresses in Philadelphia that I need to look at - those slum-dwelling Scousers get everywhere!


Heather Kuhn Roelker said... looks great. I also just found, looks like another cool photo/location option.

The Treehouse said...

Hi Heather

Just checked out - love the way they superimpose the old photos on modern Google street view - thanks!

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