Monday, 16 May 2011

Military Monday: 'Strewth! Facebook Finds

If you have read my posts before you may remember that I have an interest in the ANZACs during WW1.  This arises because two of my great-uncles, Reginald and Ernest, emigrated to Australia and joined the Australian Imperial Force during the Great War.  Sadly both fell at the Somme within a fortnight of each other.  Thanks to the excellent National Archives of Australia and the Australian War Memorial, I have been able to find out a lot about Reg and Ernie.  Indeed, it was through their war records that I was able to trace the whereabouts of my eldest great-uncle and thereby find his grandchildren, my second cousins.

Although I have found out far more about Reg and Ernie than I had thought possible, I am still slightly dissatisfied - I really would like to find more details about their war and ultimately identify a photograph of them.  To this end I am still reading up about the "Diggers" of WW1 and, notwithstanding my great-uncles involvement, find it a fascinating piece of history.  So, I was really pleased to find on Facebook that there are a number of sites dedicated to helping you trace your Digger relatives.  Here are a few (once you find one, you will find more - they naturally all "like" each other!)

Discover a Digger  Advice on how to find a relative's service records
WW1 Lost Boys  For finding and sharing military photos of relatives
Regimental Books  Experts on Aussie military history, have a daily military historical event post and are very approachable.


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