Friday, 27 May 2011

Follow Friday: Some drama and then costume

First of all, can I say how amazed I am to discover today that I have more than 20 followers!  Bless you all for allowing me to waffle on at you - I really do appreciate it!

Secondly, can I say - what a week!  Evacuation from my home, daughter's first trip away from home (3 nights in London), finding myself on a sub-committee to help set up a new museum - I am quite exhausted.  However, the fire in the garage near our house did not result in the massive explosion promised by a rather harassed policeman ("Get your things and go!"), so we are safely back, our beloved one is home this evening and I am very excited about the museum (although I hadn't appreciated that there was quite so much to say on the subject of cabinet lighting - I now know that there is - it takes approximately an hour to say it if you are the bearded gentleman sitting opposite me at the meeting).

So, with such a busy week, I haven't been blog reading too much.  However, I did come across one little gem and would like to share it.  Costume is something that has been an abiding interest for me since childhood and I think I have a fair knowledge of what was worn when.  This is of course useful for dating family photos if your slapdash ancestors forgot to write the date on the back (mine invariably have).  For more insight into this area of genealogy have a look at the Kith & Kin Research blog.  This week Luke Mouland has a guest writer, Jayne Shrimpton, writing about her experience of dating photos and watercolours using clues from the subjects' dress.  Jayne gives some interesting examples of how her work has helped to unravel family mysteries (though not all!).  Now that I have read Jayne's article I shall be digging out a mystery photo from my husband's family - a lady in late Victorian dress (or is it?), holding her lap dog.  No one knows who she is,  perhaps a further study will reveal more clues.


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