Friday, 20 May 2011

Follow Friday: Reality and Escapism

How did you cope last Friday?  Truly Friday the Thirteenth - no Blogger!

Happily, Blogger's little vacation gave me the incentive to read some non-Blogger blogs and I rediscovered (and subscribed to) LaDonna Garner's blog, The Leafseeker.  LaDonna is based in Maryland.  She is studying Historical Preservation and offers historical preservation and genealogy services.  Her blog offers practical advice and guidance.  I particularly liked her "Skillbuilder" article on placing your ancestors in their historical context.  This is definitely essential if you want to make your family history more real and meaningful.  She suggests ways to build a timeline for your fore bearers and lists some sites that can provide historical facts for specific dates to help place your ancestors in context.

LaDonna's blog also includes a "LeafSeeker Life" section in which she shares recipes and photos of her rather lovely farm.  Seek LaDonna out here.

Like LaDonna, one of the things that I enjoy most about genealogy is finding out about the world in which my ancestors lived.  To this end I am often immersed in historical text books.  At the moment I am doing a lot of reading about World War 1, and very rewarding it is too.  However, sometimes it is good to just escape from reality and take a little historical adventure.  This is where the Historical Novel Review blog comes in.

I have loved historical novels since I first read Jean Plaidy when I was a child.  Alexander Kent was another favourite (try Peter Smalley if you like historical naval novels).  Current favourites are C J Sansom, Andrew Pepper and James McGee, but its always good to have some new suggestions.  Having read Historical Novel Review I am convinced that it is time to quit the dark reality of the trenches and be whisked away to the Court of Henry VIII, courtesy of The Confession of Katherine Howard, a novel by Susannah Dunn.

Whatever you are seeking, be it reality or escapism, this week, happy blogging!


D Lee said...

Thanks for the LeafSeeker suggestion. I have bookmarked that post and posted a question I have about it.

The Treehouse said...
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The Treehouse said...

Glad to have been of assistance, in a round about way!

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