Friday, 6 May 2011

Follow Friday: Modesty, Envy and Intrigue

Another busy week (is there another kind?) so here are just three of my favourite blogs this week.

One of the first blogs (if not the first) I followed was Rebecca Hudson's Blundering Blindly Backwards. I liked Rebecca's idea of an "On this day" post and admire her organisational skills to be able to have a system that allows her to come up with an appropriate daily event from her family history research.  Could I have such a system?  No, because my system extends to:  an old cardboard file held closed by a now saggy elastic cord, lots of notes on One Note and several trees on Ancestry.  By the time I had found an event for a day, the day would be last week.  So, I feel that Rebecca is being modest in her blog title - she may be looking back, but I don't think she is blundering blindly, I think that she is marching back with her eyes wide open.  Oh, and she had a lovely photo for Wordless Wednesday - take a peek.

Greta at Greta's Genealogy Bog has had a traumatic week - the Blog Gremlins invaded her blog and gave it a virus.  Fortunately all is resolved and Greta is back blogging.  On Sunday she posted about her technological loves and in the process created a little green-eyed monster - me!  I hadn't heard of a Flip Pal before - nor had my family - but believe me, now that I know about this little portable scanner they do too (judging by the glazed eyes, far more than they want to).  I shall not rest until I have this small item of desire - sadly, I haven't yet been able to track one down which is making it all the more alluring.

Even more alluring is my last blog - different, a little outrĂ©, a bundle of over-the-top fun.  Madame Guillotine is the blog of Melanie, "a middle class housewife" who is seriously obsessed by Versailles.  Her blog is full of gorgeous photographs and art work and some occasionally saucy writing.  If you like ladies with tall hair and rosy cheeks check out Madame Guillotine.

Have a fab weekend - happy blogging


Greta Koehl said...

Oh, my, what a surprise! Thank you for the mention. I am going to be checking out the Flip-Pal booth at NGS for sure.... We'll see if I am able to hold out or not!

The Treehouse said...

Oooh - you get to see a real one. We appear only to have photos of them in the UK - sooo frustrating!

RAH said...

Thanks!! I'm amazed that anyone's reading my blog at all so this came as a total surprise.

The Treehouse said...

See! You are so very modest - it's a great blog.

Judy Webster said...

I tried to order a Flip Pal from Amazon, but they won't ship to my address in Australia. Small genealogy-related businesses in both Australia and NZ are trying to get the rights to import and sell Flip Pal, so fingers crossed that I can get one somehow.

The Treehouse said...

If you manage to get hold of one, let me know how it goes. If only I had heard of it sooner I could have got my Dad to get it in the US and send it to me, but he shipped off to Portugal for the summer last week. Doh!

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