Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sentimental Sunday: Newquay War Memorial

Yesterday evening I took the dog for our evening walk and our route took us past the Newquay war memorial.  It is in a glorious spot at the top of a hill overlooking Newquay bay.  In the late evening sunlight it looked beautiful.  A very fine place to be remembered.

If you have read some of my posts before you may have gathered that I am very interested in WW1, an interest sparked by both my grandfathers having served and also six great uncles.  When I got home I decided to look for the names of the men on the memorial but although I can find photographs of the memorial, can't find the names.  I remembered one of my favourite blogs, 100 NZ WW1 Memorials 1914-2014, by Helen Vail, and decided that here was the perfect opportunity for a new project. 

So, today the dog and I retraced our steps, but this time armed with a camera, and I have photographed all the names.  I intend to research them all (89) in time for Armistice Day 2011 and publish the information as I go along.  Any suggestions about how to do that?  A static page on this blog, or maybe a new blog?  Let me know, I am already a fair way along with my first man - got his regiment, place of birth, place of death, parents' names etc. 


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