Sunday, 27 March 2011

Family History has made me Special!

Quick insight into life here at The Treehouse - a conversation with my 11 year old daughter earlier this afternoon:

"Mum, I think you're special"

"Thanks sweetheart!"

"No, Mum, I think you're special - like the kids you teach - special.  You're really obsessed with family history - you're doing it again!"

OK, pause the conversation there - I work with young people with Special Needs - including kids on the autistic spectrum who often develop a very special and single interest (coaches run by a particular company, frogs, Frank Sinatra, radioactivity spring to mind - apparently genealogy springs to my daughter's mind). 

"This isn't family history, I am on Ebay" I counter.

"Looking at World War 1 cap badges" she snaps back "because of your great-grandad"

"Great-uncles, actually"

"You're getting weird"

I bite back a reply involving her rock collection and hoard of geology books and, point taken, switch off the computer and make a swift exit to the beach, daughter and dog in tow. 


TCasteel said...

My son once told me I was putting dead people before him (he wanted to play a game and I was finishing up some citations).
Theresa (Tangled Trees)

Dryad said...

Children certainly know how to twist the knife, don't they!

Lisa said...

My kids think I'm strange because I like to research in the family cemeteries. I don't think they've quite shared that with their friends.

Dryad said...

Lisa, it's great to be amongst people who understand!

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